10 Awesome Wedding Celebrants on the Gold Coast

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Wedding House Brides Pick: We have surveyed hundreds of brides on the Gold Coast and we are proud to present the best of the best wedding celebrants on the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast is Australia’s holiday capital and home to beautiful beaches and wonderful wedding venues.

Along with golden beaches and resplendent flora and fauna, the Gold Coast is also blessed with simply awesome marriage celebrants. There is no doubt our Gold Coast Wedding Celebrants enjoy a great reputation for being professional but also bringing a friendly and light hearted approach to a wedding ceremony.

While there are many marriage celebrants on the Gold Coast and it surrounds, you need to book early to ensure that you have your preferred marriage celebrant to conduct your service. Many of our brides who have undergone the marriage process would attest is that one of the key attributes of the good marriage celebrant would be make the couple feel at home from the get go. Your marriage celebrant should also be able to convert your individuality into a truly meaningful experience which would last in your mind and that of your wedding guests forever.

The great thing about our Gold Coast Wedding Celebrants is that you cannot go wrong with whoever you choose. However, it comes down to which marriage celebrant can create a ceremony that makes you and your spouse to be, most comfortable.

Over the past few months we have asked our brides on their choice of the best Gold Coast Wedding Celebrant. We have now curated this list and in no particular order we present the 10 best Wedding Celebrants on the Gold Coast. Here they are..drum roll!!

  1. Helen Murray – Celebrant
  2. Ceremonies by Tulsa
  3. Neil Cadigan – Civil Celebrant
  4. Kelly Butterworth Celebrant
  5. Robert Simmons Celebrant
  6. Sandra Hill
  7. Caroline Jackson
  8. Nicole Craze
  9. Phil Guest Celebrant
  10. Helen Coghlan