10 Best Wedding Photographers in the Hunter Valley

Rustic Wedding Setting

Wedding House Brides Pick: We have surveyed many brides who have had their wedding in the Hunter Valley and we are proud to present the best of the best Wedding Photographers in the Hunter Region.

The Hunter Valley is home to more that 150 wineries, restaurants and Wedding locations – and it is only just a couple of hours drive from Sydney.

If you are having a Hunter Valley wedding – you have chosen one of the best wedding locations in Australia – so well done and congratulations.

One of the many positives of having your wedding in the Hunter Valley, is that your guests can also take advantage of having a holiday break before or after your wedding ceremony – whether its just for the week-end or a longer break.

In terms of winery locations for your wedding, you cannot beat the Hunter Region. In addition, Hunter Valley wedding photographers are some of the very best you will find in the country. If you are planning for a rustic vineyard setting or a modern contemporary setting, the Hunter region is also blessed with many spectacular wedding venues, amazing caterers and talented musicians.

Wedding Photography in the Hunter Valley, whether it be a vineyard wedding, a rustic wedding setting or a modern setting is a photographers wonderland and the place memories are made.

We know that you have plenty of matters to think about and plan for your wedding, therefore we have curated a list of the best wedding photographers in the Hunter Valley. In no particular order, they are:-

  1. Clear Light Photography
  2. Hailstorm Photography
  3. Opal Photography
  4. CNJ Photography
  5. Hunter Valley Images
  6. Tracy Beveridge Photography
  7. Arty J Photography
  8. Alpha Imagery
  9. Waterfield Photography
  10. Precious Moments Photography