10 Must Take Photographs of your Wedding Day

Sydney Wedding Photographer

A key aspect of any wedding is capturing those once in a lifetime moments and preserving them forever in digital form. That is why it is critically important that you chose the right professional to capture these special moments of your big day. If you are planning your wedding in Sydney, you would be in lucks way as there so many great wedding photographers in Sydney to choose from.

However, once you decide on the studio, ensure that you meet up with your photographer to discuss and pass on your ideas. It is during this meeting that your photographer would be able to get a sense of what your style is and what is important to you and your partner. Most good wedding photographers would have shot countless weddings and would have also shot weddings at the same wedding venue as the one you have chosen. This would give them a good insight of what the best backdrops are in any given location.

Despite this, it is always a good idea to give them your list of must-take photographs of your wedding day to cover all the important moments. Here are some suggestions.

1.   Getting ready moments

Wedding photography is all capturing the special moments of your big day on camera.  A shot of the bride’s braid, accessories on the table and the maid of honour or mother of the bride zipping the gown are some of the moments worthy of attention. A bit of fun mixed in would be great. Make sure that this is emphasised to your photographer.

2.   Portrait of the bride

This is not a time to be shy, but to shine and show off your dress. Make sure the wedding photographer gets a few angles with the veil and shoes for the full fashion reveal.

3.   The bouquet

The bridal bouquet is a part of your outfit so have fun posing at different locations and even showing off some other detail in the background like lacy gloves or artful nails.

4.   The happy couple

There are many ways to capture beautiful moments between you two, like the first look or after you say “I do”. Enjoy time alone with your partner and capture your happiness on camera.

5.   The venue

Wedding venues also deserve a place among your wedding photos. Ask your Sydney wedding photographer to capture the décor and details like place setting and the boutonnieres.

6.   Exchanging vows

Looking at each other lovingly and exchanging vows is a moment to stay with you forever. Also, don’t forget to have a film-worthy first kiss for the camera.

7.   The cake

The wedding cake also deserves the attention of your photographer. Have them snap a few photos of the cake alone and then with you two cutting and sharing the first piece.

8.   The wedding guests

From the bride’s and groom’s squad to happy relatives and friends, taking pictures of the guests is a critical aspect of wedding photography.

9.   The exit

Confetti all around and the two of you joyfully walking from the aisle surrounded by loved ones. This is a photo full of happiness that will warm your heart on any day in the future.

10. Driving away

If you are having a Sydney wedding, then driving away to the city lights is the perfect way to end this photo session. One photo of you two waving from the car and one of you driving away will make a fine conclusion of this big day.

A good wedding photographer will capture even the moments you forgot were there and combined with these 10 must-take photographs, your wedding day will be always with you across time and space.