10 Of The Best Wedding Photographers In Brisbane


Wedding House Brides Pick: We have surveyed hundreds of brides in Brisbane and we are proud to present the best of the best Wedding Photographers in Brisbane.

Your special day is one that should be enjoyed, delighted in and captured in a way that will bring you a flood of wonderful memories for many years to come. The wedding photography and videography should only be given to a true professional who can feel the emotions and anticipate the wants and needs of the couple on their very important day.

The wedding photographer is one of the most important people in a wedding, after the bride and groom of course. Based on numerous interviews and the feedback we have received from our brides over the years, when planning your wedding, there is a clear priority placed in finding a good and reputable wedding photographer who is to provide lasting memories within their photos.

Our brides have also told us about a few other important factors that should be considered when looking for a Brisbane wedding photographer, yet they are often missed. The first thing to keep in mind is getting options for affordable wedding photography packages that stay within budget. This is incredibly important since prices can easily get out of hand. The second factor is getting plenty of options for wedding album designs that will suit the look and feel of the wedding, but also enhance the photos without taking any attention away from them. Finally, always look at the digital image options provided in the end. The quality of the digital photos will make or break the overall look, because let’s face it, no one wants blurry pixelated photos.

When it comes to wedding photography, Brisbane is the place to find top professionals for your big day. Trust in the pros to compile all of your best memories so they can bring you joy for many years to come.

We took a look at several wedding photography professionals in Brisbane and have compiled a list of trusted names that are sure to capture all of the splendour and glamour of your wedding. You should also keep in mind the style of your wedding so that you can find a photography team who will be a perfect fit with you and your style.

While looking for a great wedding photographer in South East Queensland, Brisbane is often the place that most would consider first, but there are also plenty of great photographers located in the greater Brisbane area and the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts.

It is for this reason that we have compiled a post dedicated to talented photographers for all the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast brides out there who are looking for a pro photographer who will perfectly capture their wedding day.

Ready to check them out? Drum roll please!

Our Top 10 Award Winning Wedding Photographers in Brisbane are:

  1. Dreamlife Photographers
  2. Leigh Warner Weddings
  3. Tom Hall Photographer
  4. Ben Clark Photography
  5. Will Idea Studio
  6. Rivercity Photography
  7. A Thousand Miles Photography
  8. Julie Collins Photography
  9. Rod Noendeng Photography
  10. DeeZigner Images

Each of these wedding photographers are among the best from a long list of talent based in and around Brisbane. This list is in no particular order but has been curated for your convenience by our awesome team at Wedding House Australia.