6 Top Reasons You Should Take Pictures Before The Wedding

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In the past, it was rare to see the bride and groom having pictures taken before the wedding ceremony. One of the main reasons for this is that there was a taboo on grooms seeing their brides before entering the church, and so it would not be possible to get both bride and groom in the shot, in their wedding clothes. However, in these days when brides and grooms often live together before they marry, and are certainly more familiar with each other than ever before, there should be no problem in arranging a pre-ceremony photo shoot. There are also several reasons why it is a great idea.

1) The bride and groom will both look their best – Weddings can be stressful and emotional events. It is not unusual for at least one of the couple to cry before the end of the service, so taking pictures beforehand ensures that they are fresh-faced, free of tears and worry lines, and their clothes are also wrinkle-free.

2) The pictures can be taken while the weather holds – More wedding ceremonies are taking place in the autumn and winter these days, and that means that there can be a sudden downpour, a windstorm, or just plain old bad weather. Taking the picture before the ceremony at least allows the photographer to capture the happy couple in reasonable weather.

3) There is more time – Post-ceremony wedding photographs are often taken in the brief period between the service and the reception. Everyone will need to hurry away from the ceremony, and towards the hall where the reception is being held. This means that not only are the happy couple flustered for time, but that essential people can go missing.

Wedding House Couple

4) Not everyone will be available after the ceremony – Some people only have a certain amount of time off of work for the big day, while others will simply be strolling along, and miss the pictures completely. Having the pictures taken before the service means that everyone can be there, and there won’t be any pressure to hurry away.

5) The photographer can take more time – There is a fashion for ‘funny’ pictures, where the bride and groom are depicted running away from a t-rex, or hunting zombies. These pictures take time, and so shooting photographs before the ceremony gives the photographer the extra time he or she needs to get the best shots for the scene.

6) The pre-ceremony shots are sometimes the first time that the bride and groom see each other before they get married – This can be a very special moment, and a good photographer will be able to make the most of that emotion. Even if the couple have been living together, the bride and groom might not have seen each other’s wedding costumes, and so their first reactions can be a priceless record of that emotion. Relaxed and informal, brides and grooms can make the most of seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.