Best Wedding Photographer in Melbourne 2020

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Wedding House Brides Pick: We have surveyed hundreds of brides in Melbourne and we are proud to present the best of the best wedding photographer in Melbourne.

A wedding is one of those special milestones that will forever stay in our hearts and our memories. Capturing special moments and expressions throughout the big day can only be done with a true professional wedding photographer. Not only will they have the eye to find the best locations for a shoot, but they will also be able to anticipate where and when to catch the most precious moments of the day.

Although the selection of wedding photography Melbourne has to offer boasts hundreds of results, not everyone will have the look, style or expertise that you need for your wedding day. Whether you are looking for something minimalist, a funky unique take on the event or something more traditional, it is always important to take a look at the top reviewed wedding photographer Melbourne has, then compare them to other award winning names in the industry. No one is voted the best without having the eye and talent to back it up.

When planning your wedding, you must always consider looking for affordable wedding photography so that you do not blow your budget, but also realize that a good chunk of cash should go to a professional who will capture all of those precious moments that will take you back to that happy time for many years to come. Great photographers in Melbourne will always have a curated collection of their best work for clients to look through. Looking back at previous work will give you a great sense of what your photos will look like in the end.

Before jumping in and signing any contracts for your wedding, always consider what you expect to have for your special day. Ask about the different photography packages that are offered and look for something that falls within budget but will also make you happy in the end. Without going overboard, make sure to consider the finished wedding album, the number and quality of any sets of digital files that you will receive and what kind of processing/touching up you will have included in your final price. These are several questions that many people do not consider and often find out are extra fees in the end.

Rather than look through online searches for a Melbourne wedding photographer, we have made your search as easy as possible by compiling a list of the best photography studios in the city. We have poured over tons of names and reviews to get the best professionals who specialise in weddings and other memorable events in life.

So, are you sitting there wondering who really is the best wedding photographer Melbourne has to offer?

Depending on the look, style and budget you have in mind, this is a list of the top Melbourne based wedding photography names that have a sterling reputation and years of experience in the industry:

  1. Dreamlife Photos & Video
  2. ATEIA Photography & Video
  3. ICON Photgraphy
  4. Dezine by Mauro
  5. Phenomena Photography
  6. Millgrove Photography
  7. Sarah Godenzi
  8. DUUET
  9. T-One Image
  10. On Three Photo Photography & Cinematic