Celebrant – One Stop Shop

Wedding House Celebrant

Ok you have set the date and now the wedding arrangements begin!

Have you contacted your Marriage Celebrant? After all it is your wedding ceremony, a celebration of your love and commitment to your best friend, love and life companion – which sets the mood and ambience for the rest of your wedding day celebrations.

No doubt you have read up about the criteria for choosing your celebrant, perhaps you will follow this advice, perhaps all you need is to meet that special person, who can tell your unique love story and celebrate it your way.

One thing though that would be of great assistance to you and help cut down the running around is for your celebrant to also be a Justice of the Peace.

The situation may arise where you may not have your Original Birth Certificate, which if you are Australian born needs to be sighted and documented by your Celebrant in the completion of your Notice of Intention to Marry. You may need to lodge an application for your Birth Certificate. If there are time restrictions, or not, you can’t afford to be running around looking for a Justice of the Peace to certify copies of original documents, needed to be submitted with your application.

One Stop Shop

Perhaps you are lodging a FiancĂ© visa with your Notice of Intention to Marry and you need documents certified as true copies of the original, well your celebrant who is also a Justice of the Peace will help out in this area as well, as you sit in comfort in your celebrant’s office. All legal documents will be taken care of in a “One Stop Shop” situation so to speak.

Article written and photo sourced by Janette Butler-Grech CMC,JP
Authorised Marriage Celebrant and Justice of the Peace.