Do I Really Need A Wedding Album?

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We live in the age of Facebook, blogging and countless other online photo-sharing technologies. And these days, many wedding photographers will include a disk or USB stick of high-resolution images in their photography packages.

These facts alone have brides asking, “If I have a digitised copy of photos, do I need a wedding album?”

My resounding answer is YES… yes, you do!

Here’s why…

You’ve spent months and months (maybe even years!) planning the biggest day of your life. Every little detail. Every perfect moment. But when the wedding day is over, the champagne has been drunk, the cake has been eaten, the flowers have wilted and died, the dress dry-cleaned, put into storage or sold…. what do you have left to remember your wedding day by (apart from the man of your dreams, of course)?

Answer: your beautiful wedding photos.

Your photos are the only things that will allow you to relive the beautiful memories and magic of your day, over and over again. And they should be preserved and displayed as the amazing pieces of art that they are: in a professional, custom-designed wedding album.

Let’s face it: it’s a fact of life that weddings can get expensive. But for some reason, when brides start looking for places to save money or cut back costs, the wedding album is one of the first things to go. Why?

Well, as technology these days lends itself to more ‘do-it-yourself’ approaches, more and more brides will request just the digital copies of their photographs with the intention of making their own album. A quick Internet search will reveal a plethora of online companies that advertise how easy it is to make your own album at a fraction of the cost by placing images into their pre-designed templates… of course, that’s if and when you actually get around to doing it.

Here are my top 4 reasons why you should invest in a professional, custom-designed wedding album:

1. A wedding album tells your story

After your wedding day, how often do you think you’ll sit down at your computer and look through a disk of 600-800 images? A disk of photos lacks the story-telling effect of a custom-designed album. The whole reason you have a photographer document your wedding is to share it with others. Your album is the perfect way to do that.

2. Technology changes quickly

Digital files are great for online photo-sharing and for creating an archival record, yet they still require you to be diligent in creating a copy every five years or so on whatever is the latest form of storage media. Given the speed of modern technology, it’s unlikely that your present disk of images will even be readable within 25 years! Remember VHS? So quickly those humongous video tapes turned into sleek, high-quality DVDs. Remember… there’s always going to be a fresh, new technology advance right around the corner, and you don’t want your digital images to get left behind! The beauty of a wedding album is that you don’t have to do anything with it for the images to still be there 50 years from now. 

3. Create a family heirloom

You are starting a new family and your wedding album is your very first family heirloom. Imagine sitting down with your grandkids showing them a beautiful wedding album, a vivid picture book telling the story of your day! A custom-designed album will preserve your beautiful memories and allow you to share the emotions of one of the happiest days of your life for years to come. That alone is priceless.

4. You’ll wish you had!

Things come up in life. It’s true. After all the planning, organizing and excitement of the big day, many couples find they don’t have the time (or motivation) to complete their wedding album. And later on down the track, you don’t want to look back and regret not getting one when you had the chance. So…. if you tied the knot a few years ago and you never did get around to creating that dream album, or you’re simply planning ahead, now is the perfect time to get started!

Article and photo by Chrissy Dunn who is a boutique album designer located in Ballarat, Victoria. She offers a customized design service using your digital photos to create truly beautiful Wedding Albums and Baby Albums.