Gifts For your Wedding Party

Wedding House Gifts

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment on your wedding day. You have to pick the perfect place, send invitations and manage a myriad of other details, big and small. While it may seem a bit counterintuitive to give gifts to friends on your wedding day, don’t forget to show your appreciation for important wedding guests who are helping to make your big day a success. Amidst the stress and chaos, here are some thoughtful gifts you can give to your loved ones who play crucial roles in your wedding party.


The groom needs a little help before, during and after the wedding. That’s why he appoints groomsmen and a best man to handle such details as planning the bachelor party, ushering guests at the ceremony, dancing with the bridesmaids and gassing up the getaway car.

For all of their hard work, you should make sure these gentlemen get a little something to thank them for their service. There are plenty of options, from engraved cuff links to buying the group tickets to a cricket match. If you’re more of a party group, give your groomsmen engraved flasks and hook up your best man with a bottle of vodka or whiskey to share during the reception.


It’s been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But at a wedding, a girl’s best friends usually get roped into serving as bridesmaids and the maid of honor. Putting on a wedding is stressful. A bride often will call on her sisters and closest gal pals to make sure nothing is forgotten, from planning the bridal shower to helping her look her best in her dress. In addition to the mental stress, your bridesmaids and groomsmen can expect to drop at least $150 on a dress or tux, and the price is often much higher for bridesmaids.

You don’t need to get anything extravagant for your bridesmaids, but a gift with a personal touch is highly recommended. You can get each of your ladies an engraved bracelet, or get each a gift chosen specially for them. The Knot has a good list of inspired gift choices for your bridesmaids, but make sure to choose something from the heart! Just like the groom, you should make sure your maid of honor knows how much you love her too. Surprise her with a gift certificate for a revitalising treatment at a luxurious day spa or send her a dozen roses every month for a year.

Flower Girl

One of the highlights of many weddings is watching the bright-eyed, freckle-faced flower girl in a colorful dress scattering petals along the path to the altar. It’s the perfect job for a sweet, young girl from the family of either spouse.

If you think she’s excited to scatter flower petals, just imagine how her face will light up when you hand her a special thank-you gift after the ceremony. You might give her a locket, a doll or a personalized teddy bear. The Serious Teddy Bear Company has a wide variety of teddy bear gift baskets for any occasion. Maybe you can find one just right for the little angel who was so happy to help out at your wedding.

Ring Bearer

Last but not least, you’re going to need to have somebody hold onto your wedding rings until just the right moment. Leave it to your favorite little boy to protect the family jewels.

Remember, the boy you choose might not be thrilled about attending a wedding in the first place, let alone about carrying around a frilly satin pillow. So, make sure to make it up to him with a cool appreciation gift. Give him a Swiss Army knife or a pair of tickets to a local football game he can attend with his dad.

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