Gold Coast 2020 – the Best 10 Wedding Photographers

Wedding House Bride

Wedding House Brides Pick: We have surveyed hundreds of brides on the Gold Coast and we are proud to present the best of the best wedding photographers on the Gold Coast.

A wedding photographer is one of the most important people at a wedding, yet they are often given far less thought and consideration than the bride’s dress or the flower selection would. Considering the photographer has the very important job of beautifully capturing all the details and emotions of your wedding day, they would have to be professionals with a creative eye.

Sure, most couples who are planning their special day would love to find award winning photographers in the Gold Coast who can offer affordable wedding photography but finding them seems like a daunting stressful task. Who would even have the best wedding photographer Gold Coast or Brisbane?

Hire Locally

If you are planning your wedding in the Gold Coast, then it would make sense to have a Gold Coast based photographer to handle everything for you locally. There are lots of benefits of looking close to home. Not only do you support local businesses, but you can meet with them in person, see their portfolio, and chat with them directly about your expectations for the big day.

Apart from looking at the photo prints and styles, other notes to think about when you do talk about the wedding photography are the prices for hire, and the number of hours they will be able to work for your wedding. These are normally printed in the fine print, though getting this information out first will give you an idea of the value you will get for the price.

Albums and Photo Packages

Never feel shy to ask a lot of questions. Communicating with the photographer before signing contracts is very important to ensure you have the best person hired for your special day, and to avoid any issues that may come up on the day.

Ask about the wedding album styles offered and how many different photography packages there are to choose from. You may have a specific number of photos and album style in mind or perhaps you would like to get some inspiration from the studio.

Trust in the Pros

The search for the absolute best photographer can be difficult to start. A basic search online of “wedding photography Gold Coast” will give you hundreds of results, some of which may not even specialize or have experience with event photography.

To help get your search started off right, we have compiled a list of the best Gold Coast wedding photographer studios:

  1. Tracey Redshaw Photography
  2. Birdy Flower Photography
  3. K & K Photography
  4. Poppy Lane Photography
  5. Marcos Welsh Photography
  6. S Art and Photography
  7. Studio Flamingo
  8. Edge Photography
  9. Peter Crichton Photography
  10. Just B Photography