How To Create Your Own Wedding Bouquet

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Brides need to make sure that they get a wedding bouquet that suits the theme of the wedding, and also looks great against their wedding dress and their own skin. You don’t want to purchase the first big bunch of flowers that you spot, and you certainly wouldn’t want to buy something that didn’t suit you.

Rather than going through the difficulty of finding the perfect wedding bouquet at a bridal outfitters, or when talking to a florist, you can get more options, and reduce the expense, by choosing to make your own wedding bouquet. This is not very difficult, and you should have no problem in dealing with the crafting of flowers into an attractive arrangement.

1. Select your Flowers

Firstly, you should start by selecting some flowers for the bouquet. If you have a colour scheme, or something that involves a particular flower or petal, then you will already have some idea of what you need in a bouquet. However, you cannot buy just one lot of one flower, you need to have a collection which will help to make particular flowers stand out when you hold them in your hand. Traditional items such as red roses can be fantastic, but if you want something less traditional, the poinsettia, the geranium and the fuchsia are all great choices. Make sure that you know what flowers to avoid (due to a tradition of bad luck), so that you don’t upset any members of your family.

2. Select Large Flowers

You should select a number of large flowers, according to your personal taste and what you need to make the bouquet match your theme. You should then choose flowers which complement or contrast with these large flowers. So if you have bought a number of red roses, then a handful of blue flowers in the background can make the red stand out.

3. Pick White

White can also be a classic colour, particularly against the green of the foliage. Carrying white flowers in the bouquet is a traditional design, and is usually set off with a ribbon that complements the colours of the bridesmaid’s outfits.

4. Use Oasis Foam

You can also economise by including a large piece of oasis foam in the centre of the bouquet, and adding the flowers to the outside. This makes it look as though there were more flowers, and also provides you with something to hold as you walk down the aisle.

Gather together all the items that you need, including the oasis, some flower tape, a little bit of ribbon, and the flowers you have selected. Cut the flowers to size, and arrange them in the oasis so that they appear to fill out the space. Then stick foliage around the sides of the oasis, and hold the stalks in place with flower tape. Then, add a piece of gift-wrap paper to the outside of the bundle, and tie that tightly using the ribbon. You can add more ribbon later; in order to create a fantastic looking wedding bouquet that contains the flowers you wanted.