The Best Wedding Celebrants – Brisbane 2020

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant

Wedding House Brides Pick: We have surveyed hundreds of brides in Brisbane and we are proud to present the best of the best wedding celebrants in Brisbane.

A marriage ceremony is one of the most important events in a couple’s life together. This is the moment when two people celebrate their love for one another and officially join together in front of friends and family. Wedding celebrants have an incredibly important job of creating the perfect atmosphere to make the moment memorable in a way the couple will happily look back on for many years to come.

A marriage celebrant should match the couple’s personalities as well as the style of their special day. Whether it’s a traditional church wedding ceremony, a relaxed outdoor event or something altogether different and unique, the celebrant should suit the mood perfectly.

Before starting a search for a Brisbane marriage celebrant in Queensland, there are a few things to consider for your wedding day. Think about the style of wedding you are planning and the type of ceremony you would both like to have. Do you want it to be serious, light-hearted, or totally out of the box?

Depending on what you would like, it pays to clearly communicate with the celebrant what you would prefer, so their words and actions will work smoothly with your event and personalities. Also, clearly mention where your venue is and if there are any themes that you are planning to have. This will give the celebrant a better idea of what is required of them the day of.

Finally, talk about fine details like vows, musical or personal interludes, speeches and anything else that will paint a clear picture of the day. Doing this will let the celebrant know how the day will play out and how they should plan their words around your ideal schedule.

The best wedding celebrants will know how to change their style to suit what a couple would like for their day, and even provide some feedback based on their professional experiences. As long as you all communicate well and plan the day together, everything should work out as planned.

Instead of stressing out about finding the perfect Brisbane celebrant and booking them right away, make sure to take the time to talk with them and see if everyone’s on the same page for the wedding. Getting on well together and clearly communicating with one another will reflect on the day, which is what will make or break the ceremony.

To help make your search a little easier, we have put together a great list of the top wedding celebrants Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coast has on offer:

  1. Natasha Lewis – Civil Marriage Celebrant
  2. Chelsea McNamara – Civil Celebrant
  3. Genene Deakin
  4. Kate Mackie
  5. That Celebrant Guy
  6. Robert Simmons Celebrant
  7. Peter Wellington Weddings
  8. Mark Reynolds – Celebrant
  9. Jacinta – Just Hitched
  10. Fiona Robertson