The Bride & Groom’s “Reveal Moment”

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One of the most essential traditions of the wedding day, the ‘reveal moment’ is meant to be that special moment when the bride and groom first see each other that morning. It has long been a custom for the couple to spend the night apart, and not see each other until it is time for the wedding, but even when a bride and groom live together before marriage, they can still take the decision to get ready in separate locations, in order that they only see each other at the wedding venue.

The Ancient & The Modern

Although this reveal moment is one of the most romantic traditions, it might not seem so much like that if the bride knew that the reason for the ‘reveal’ was to ensure that the groom did not run away before the wedding. In the past, the groom might not have met his bride until their wedding day, and so the ‘reveal’ was to ensure that he didn’t back away – remember Henry VIII and his wife, the ‘Flanders Mare’? There was a previous meeting, before the ‘reveal’, which put the King off his new bride. In more modern times, this dressing apart can seem a little childish and odd.

The modern bride and groom also think that they know everything about each other, and so the wedding day won’t be as much of a¬† revelation as it once was. The groom might have helped his future wife pick her wedding dress, any they might have gone shopping for other items. The bride may have chosen his outfit, and seen him try it on before the big day. Suddenly deciding to put that to one side, and pretend that they don’t know what the other will be wearing, might go against the love, honesty and unity that a marriage represents.

Reasons For The Tradition

However, there are a few reasons why the bride and groom might want to keep hold of this tradition. The first reason is simply that it is such a long-standing part of the wedding day that brides and grooms feel attached to the romance¬† of the big ‘reveal moment’. It adds a little something sentimental to what is mainly, these days, a legal ceremony with little pomp and circumstance. It is the most romantic day of their lives, at least for most, and so it should have these little gestures of romance.

There is also the fact that the bride usually goes to great lengths in order to appear at her best on her wedding day. This might be a side of her that the groom doesn’t usually see. She wants to ‘surprise’ him, and perhaps blow his mind with her appearance as she walks down the aisle. It is rather difficult to amaze someone when they have seen you earlier, running about half-dressed, slathered with cream and hunting for a missing hairpiece. So keeping the mystery alive certainly helps to create a ‘wow’ factor when the bride walks into the room, and that is a good reason to pick having a ‘reveal moment’.