Tips For A Smooth Wedding Rehearsal

Wedding House Rehearsal

Next to the wedding day itself, the rehearsal is the most important part of getting married. Although most brides and grooms tend to look at the wedding ceremony as their prime focus, the rehearsal can make the big day that much easier. The main idea behind the rehearsal is to ensure that all of the ‘kinks’ are ironed out before the day, and it can also be a useful way of calming the couple’s nerves before they go through with the ceremony. Most often, it involves a complete walk-though of the ceremony, and also involves all of the guests, wedding celebrant, and any other professionals.

Practice Makes Perfect

The wedding rehearsal will usually be lead by the marriage celebrant (officiant), who will help the couple to work out the timing of the ceremony, where each party should come from, and where the bride and groom will stand, along with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Getting the timing right is essential, and talking it through with the official will help to clarify exactly what will go on during the big day itself. Practicing the ceremony will reveal any problems with the process, and can help the guests to feel more comfortable with their role in the ceremony.

Be On Time

When attending the rehearsal, it is important to be on time. Everyone needs to turn up at the agreed hour, and they should all be aware of how important this issue is. Anyone who does turn up late should be given a stern talking-to. This is particularly important if you know that one of the bridesmaids is habitually late – the ‘late to their own funeral’ kind. Offer to pick her up if that is what is needed to make sure that she gets to the rehearsal on time.

Bring The Props

Make sure that everyone brings the props that will be needed for the ceremony itself. This can include fake flower arrangements and bouquets, candles, and will also include the wedding programs. Ushers should have a list of all of the guests, which they can use when seating people during the rehearsal.

Follow The Steps

Make sure that the bride and groom follow all the steps of the actual ceremony. This includes handing over the marriage license, or having the certificate handy. The paperwork needs to be handed over during the rehearsal, if only to ensure that it is imprinted as an essential step. Make sure that everything brought to the rehearsal is taken away again, and kept in a safe place until the ceremony itself.

When going through the rehearsal, it is important to take as much time as is needed. This means that steps can be repeated several times, in order to get everything as smooth as possible. Couples will often find that the first run-through is a complete mess of missed lines and forgotten roles, but after a few attempts the steps should be much smoother. This practice is essential to ensure that the wedding ceremony goes without a hitch.