Top 3 Tips For Being Camera Ready On Your Wedding Day

Wedding House Couple

A wedding is once-in-a-lifetime, and there is no reason not to look your best on this day. There are many factors that can affect how you look, a few of which is outside of your control (like the weather). But for the things that are within your means, it would be imperative to be in charge.  Here are my top 3 ideas on things that you can do to look good for the camera:-

You look better when your energy level is up

To obtain high energy levels, have plenty of rest the day before and drink plenty of water. On the actual day, relax and enjoy yourself; interact with the people around you – laugh, dance, cry, and scream. If you just sit around looking like a dead fish, on the photos you’ll look, you’ve guessed it, like a dead fish. I’m sorry but there is no magic button on the camera to turn a dead fish into a princess. However, I don’t encourage you to fake your behavior just for the camera. Be yourself, as if on a very good day. This would be impossible without sufficient amount of rest prior and being kept hydrated. A side benefit of a good rest is that redness and puffiness of the eyes would be gotten rid of.

If you are having bridal portraits shot on the same day as your wedding day, it is best to do it as early as possible to get it out of the way. Then you are free to enjoy the rest of the day without worrying how you would look. Don’t wait till you are half drunk, with bloodshot eyes and messy hair. It is an exaggeration, but you got the point.

Use wedding professionals

Your Make-up artist, hair stylist and photographer can work together to make magic happen.

Professional make-up artists are highly recommended. Not only can they apply the colour that compliments your skin to look good in real life, the type of makeup used is also suitable for photography. If you decide to do your own makeup, bear in mind that shimmer or shiny makeup may look good in real life, but the camera might not like it. This is because the camera sees things differently than human eye does.

A professional photographer is crucial in determining how your photo will turn out. If you are not a natural poser, a professional photographer can assist you in posing. Knowledgeable use of lighting will also produce flattering photos. More importantly, expert post production of the photos can turn an ordinary photo into a piece of art.

Don’t do anything out of your usual routine, especially in the last week leading up to the big day

Your body might not react well to the change and could develop some complication. New food type, especially seafood, could trigger an allergy or stomach upset. Solarium could cause skin burn. Contact sports such as rugby might lead to injury. Cosmetic surgery should be avoided at all cost due to insufficient recovery time. If you wish to use a new product, try it as early as possible so that if it doesn’t suit you, there are times for recovery and look for alternative source.

Article written and photo sourced by Teddy Tan
Teddy Tan is a wedding photographer based in Melbourne.