Top 5 Tips to Get the Wedding Gifts You Actually Want

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Everyone knows that the very first question you get when you announce an engagement is “When’s the date?”. This question followed closely by “Where are you registered?”. The wedding planning process is an absolute whirlwind, filled with questions about every detail, and one of the first major obstacles to overcome is to get your date set and your registry up and running.

Of course, you don’t want to just randomly add things to your wish list and send it out! Your wedding gifts will help you build your home with your fiance, and it’s important that you think strategically about what items you want or need the most. These are a few steps you can take to get the wedding gifts you actually want.

  1. Create Your Wedding Registry Early

Typically, there are occasions for gifts to be purchased long before the wedding. There are bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and engagement parties. It’s nice to give people information on where you’re registered so they can make their purchases early or budget for when they can purchase them.

Online wedding services like Zola or Wishsprout has an awesome tool that allows you to create a registry, link to the items, and manage your registry from your phone. That way if you notice something new that you’d like or that you need more options for your guests, you can take care of it quickly and easily.

Wedding House Gift Registry

  1. Know Yourselves

There are no rules for what to ask for on your wedding registry! You don’t have to register for china and a Dutch oven. You and your fiance should get together and work on a list that covers items that you’re both interested in now and items you think will be useful later. For instance, you might be registering for suitcases and travel items for your honeymoon, but you might also want to register for enough plates that you can host Thanksgiving.

  1. Talk to Friends and Family

If you’re stuck on what items should be at the top of your registry, talk to your friends about their must-haves! They know you and they know what they can’t live without.

  1. Create a Range

Keep in mind that you’ll want to have a broad range of items at a variety of price points for your guests to choose from. While everyone might want to send you a gift, not everyone is going to have tons of spare cash to spend on you, much as they might wish they did! Make sure that you give people plenty of options for gifts so the people who are strapped for cash can send something without breaking the bank.

  1. Over-register

There are going to be several opportunities for people to purchase gifts for you over the course of your engagement, and there will also be guests who maybe can’t make it to the wedding but still want to send you something. Make sure you register for far more gifts than you’ll actually receive. You won’t look greedy, the more options you give your guests, the better!

Celebrating your special day with your family and friends is wonderful and the gifts you receive are the cherry on top! Follow these steps and you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding gifts for years to come. And don’t forget the thank-you notes!