Top Wedding Photographers of Adelaide for 2020

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Wedding House Brides Pick: We have surveyed hundreds of brides in Adelaide and we are proud to present the best of the best wedding photographers in Adelaide.

Capturing those special moments on a special day like your wedding is a craft that only a professional wedding photographer could offer. From the lighting to the candid emotions of the guests, every last detail has to be perfect, so when you start planning your wedding, make sure to look for photographers in Adelaide right from the beginning.

Booking an Adelaide Wedding Photographer

There are plenty of people to consider and book in advance for your wedding day and considering the high demand for the top wedding photographer Adelaide has to offer, it pays to be organised and jump in as soon as you have found the perfect match for your big day.

As a rule of thumb, an event photographer should be booked about a year in advance. When you first book an appointment with a studio, tell the photographer when you have set your wedding date. Photographers are in high demand and it is possible that they will already be booked on your wedding. Asking if the photographer is booked right from the beginning will save all of you a lot of time in your search.

What to Ask a Wedding Photographer

Knowing what you want and finding out what each photographer offers are two key factors for finding the best person for the job. Ask about the variety of photography packages on offer along with the wedding album design you expect to get in the end. Depending on your budget, you could get a lot of value from choosing a package over any special request that you may have.

Another detail that you should ask about is the process for touching up and handing over the digital files. Normally, the couple will get a digital copy of all or at least most of the wedding photography taken on the day, but it pays to confirm this with each studio.

Asking lots of questions and taking the time to look through everything that is on offer is recommended before signing with a studio. This will help you avoid any surprises, disappointments or extra hidden fees in the end.

Don’t Stress

In our modern time of having everything available online, it may seem easy to find the best Adelaide photography studios within seconds, but how can you be sure they really are the best? Rather than waste a lot of time looking through the endless online results from a search of “wedding photography Adelaide”, we have decided to do the leg work for you.

To help you find affordable wedding photography with award winning style, we have put together a list of the best Adelaide based photographers right here:

  1. Embrace Photography
  2. Carly Hack Photography
  3. Meg Hansen Photography
  4. Just Believe Photography
  5. Studio Shubin
  6. Panache Photography
  7. Dan Evans Photography
  8. Capture in Time Photography
  9. Vinnie Miranda Photos
  10. Anke Photography