6 Great Themes for your Wedding in 2020

Wedding Themes

Besides the venue and the gown, deciding on the wedding theme is one of the most critical aspects of the planning process. However, with so many tasks to be attended, you might easily end up waiting until the last minute to make the call. 

If you are engaging a Wedding Planner – you will need to discuss your ideas right from the outset so that your Planner would be able to steer you into the right direction.

In any event, here are six great ideas for wedding themes that are both trendy and stylish.

1.    Desert chic

If you would like to have a boho wedding, consider having a Desert Chic theme. Earthy colours dominate here, with splashes of red, yellow and pink in flower arrangements and linens. Desert Chic is all about being in tune with nature and the natural landscape with its mountain and local flora backdrops – essentially mother nature in all her glory!

2.    Romantic

Cinnamon rose and sage green are some of the colours you can suggest to your wedding planner for the romantic theme. This idea for the wedding venue is all about flowers and floral motifs with pastel colours, string lights and calligraphy. The romantic theme is best in late spring and early summer when nature is in full bloom.

3.    Vintage

The vintage theme is all about celebrating the past and the best way to do that is with an antique-looking décor. A big part of this wedding theme is finding the perfect dress from another time and turning it into a centrepiece. And after the reception, drive away in a classic car with an open roof such as a Daimler or Jaguar from the Grace Kelly era.

4.    Wanderlust

Those looking for adventure will love the wanderlust theme, which puts an emphasis more on location than on the décor. This is an ideal theme for those wanting to exchange vows on top of a cliff, on the beach and even by a lake. It will stay with you even after the ceremony through beautiful photos that will inspire you to travel anywhere.

5.    Rustic

The rustic theme is for those looking to escape the city and get married in one of the rural wedding venues such as  a large barn. Mason jars filled with lights and wood all around will give you an intimate ceremony. This homey vibe is even better with a seating area made of a haystack and homemade jam as a wedding favour.    

6.    Art Deco

Great Gatsby is a very popular inspiration for weddings, inspiring a lavish Art Deco theme idea full of golden details, sparkles and robust writings. Geometric shapes and sharp lines are the most prominent visual feature of this wedding theme. Jazz age glam and fashion will turn the ceremony and reception into a true 1920s party.