What Flower Is In Season?

Wedding Houise Flowers

Seasonal Guide

Wedding Flowers in this guide are available commercially and seasonal availability is a guide only.

* indicates the flower is an excellent choice for bridal bouquets 

Flower Availability Colours Description
agapanthus spring/summer blue, purple,
large ball of bell shaped small blooms – long stem
alstroemeria all year reds, pinks,
mauve, yellow,
bell shaped cluster on long stem – speckled petals
antherium * all year red, pink,
orange, cream,
lime variegated combinations
medium – large, exotic & waxy looking heart shaped flower with long stamen
arum lily * winter/spring ivory petite, slender “curled” cone shaped flower with long yellow stamen
asiatic lily * all year yellow, ivory,
orange, plum-red, pink, lemon
medium sized, exotic. six-petalled star shaped lily with pollen stamen frons
azalea autumn white, red,
deep pink,
delicate cluster flower, small foliage
babies breath all year white, green,
petite spindly, soft balls
bella donna lily * spring white large bell shaped lily
blushing bride * winter/spring cream & pale pink very petite medium sized native, complex fury centre
bouvardia * summer/autumn red, pink,
mauve, white
perfumed double or single heads, petite short blooms
calla lily * spring/summer ivory, green variegated large cone shaped flower with long thick stem & yellow stamen
camellia bloom autumn pink, red,
delicate full flower, good floating but easily damaged
camellia leaf * all year waxy strong
gloss green
waxy strong gloss green – good for bridal bouquets
carnation all year all colours,
bi-colours &
large (sim), mini (pixie), small (spray) – tissue petals
casablanca lily/oriental lily ** all year white, cream,
pink, variegated
spectacular lily, large heads, spotted petals, long stamen
cattleya orchid * autumn white, lavender,
large flower, two oval & three pointed petals with cone shaped throat
celosia summer red, purple,
pinks, yellow,
large cocks comb or feathery (looks like coral)
chrysanthemum all year all colours,
large (did-bud), med – spider, daisy, field
cornflower summer/autumn blue, pink,
soft, medium length vivid blue
cosmos summer/autumn purple, white,
pink. lilac
soft petite daisy style- very long and slender
crab apple summer green and
yellow fruit
med fruit berries – leaves large/med
cymbidium orchid * autumn/winter ivory, green,
pink, mauve,
rust, lemon
& bi-colours
thick, waxy orchid with five pointed petals & curled lip in centre – petite, small and medium
daffodil winter/spring yellow, cream,
small bell frilled flowers – bulb grown, medium stems
dahlia spring/summer/autumn all colours large full headed, tubular stem
daisy summer white, yellow,
star shaped petite bloom; occasionally unpleasant smell
daphne autumn lilac, pink,
sweet strong perfume – small cluster on woody stem
delphinium * winter/spring pale blue,
white, mid blue, purple
small clusters up long stem, petite in shape – true blue
dendrobium orchid ** all year ivory, purple,
yellow, rust,
lilac, lime
mature orchids with medium length stems on spray – sometimes referred to as singapore orchids
english lavender * summer lilac/blue
purple –
sweet scented with elegant form, many buds to stem head
flannel flower * spring cream (native) soft flannel feel star shape pale green foliage – some people highly allergic
forget-me-not winter/spring white, blue,
small short cottage flowers – thick stems
frangipani summer cream/yellow,
small cluster star cone shaped – brown easily smell sweet
freesia ** autumn/winter/spring yellow, lemon,
white, lilac,
small cluster on medium stem – fragrant
french lavender * winter/spring pale grey/green foliage, purple
highly perfumed, largest lavender variety
gardenia spring/summer some available
all year –
beautiful fragrance, small, medium, large round waxy leaves and gloss dark leaves
geraldton wax * autumn/winter ivory, pink,
waxy flat small petals with berry buds
gerbera ** all year all colours,
different centres
big version of the common daisy – huge range of colours, varieties and sizes
gladiolus all year white, cream,
yellow, pink,
red, burgundy, salmon, lilac,
tall thick stem with many blossoms climbing to the tip
green goddess lily * winter/spring green & ivory a unique calla lily with cream centres flushed with green & broad green tips
gymea leaves all year mid green really long reed shaped leaves – thick
heliconia all year scarlet, yellow, orange, green variegated exotic, large flowers simular to strelitzias, thick woody stem, some have pendulous bracts
helleborus winter/spring muted tomes
of green, lilac,
clumping flowers, very low to ground, petite
hyacinth winter/spring pink, ivory,
lemon, pink,
purple, blue
short, heavy flower with multiple star-shaped flowers on stem, extremely fragrant
iris all year blue, purple,
white, yellow
single opening bloom, long stem, variegated centre, 3 frons/petals
jasmine spring white, pink small dainty highly fragrant vine
jonquil winter/spring yellow, cream,
clustered small sweet smell – related to daffodil, double or single flower
kangaroo paw summer red, green,
brown (native)
hairy paw shaped small flower on tall stem
king protea summer/autumn pink (native) huge crown shaped woody flower – very impressive
lambs ear ** winter/spring pale green
soft fury small leaf – feels like lambs ears
lavender * all year lilac/purple sweet smell, short stems – see “english” “french”
leucadendron all year rust/brown/
green (native)
long leaf form flower head – last well
liatris * summer purple, white long cylindrical clustered spike of fluffy flower
lisianthus summer, autumn, spring white, lemon,
pink, purple,
soft cabbage style flower, looks like loose small peonie rose and last very well – excellent bridal flower
lilac spring lilac, white large cluster of manu small star shaped blooms – heavily perfumed
lily of the valley * mid spring white tiny bell blooms running up short petite stem
love in the mist spring
mini rose ** spring/summer all colours small spray of rose buds
molucca balm * autumn/spring lime green green cluster vertical cylinder
nerine * autumn pink, white,
yellow, orange
clustered bell
november Lily * spring/summer/autumn white often called the trumpet lily or xmas lily
oriental ** lily/casablanca lily all year white, cream,
pink, variegated
spectacular lily, large heads, spotted petals, long stamen
pansy summer variegated
low to the ground small velvet flower
paper daisy all year pinks, creams paper everlasting daisy
peony rose* Oct, Nov, Dec pinks, white,
large, rose-like full bloom on strong stem
phalaenopsis orchid * LIMITED – all year white, pink,
purple, variegated
flat “moth” shaped orchid. Most bouquets containing this orchid will attract 30% – 70% increase in price due to their extremely high wholesale purchase price
poppy winter/spring assorted papery crinkled bulb
protea summer/autumn pink,
cream (native)
large native, woody stem long lasting
pussy willow summer/winter brown/silver long stems in bud (fury feel)
queen anne’s lace * spring white/frostgreen large delicate sprays of fine flowers
red hot pokers summer/autumn red, orange,red, yellow long spike clusters, brightly coloured
repens * summer/autumn pinks, creams protea – fine waxy leaf/petals
rhododendron winter/spring pinks, mauve, whites large cluster of manu small star shaped blooms
roses * all year all colours small to medium in size, some boast full blooms white others don’t fully open.
roses – David Austin late spring
all colours small to medium rose – grown outdoors and subject to seasonal change and marking/damage. Limited supply due to commercial viability. Weak stemmed and short bloom life.
scabious * summer pale blue,
delicate daisy like flower
shasta daisy spring/summer white large single booms daisy/chrysanthemum
silver dollar gum * all year silver/grey
eucalyptus scented round leaf gum
singapore orchid ** all year all colours long cylindrical stem orchids
smoke bush * all year grey/silver fury soft short foliage
snapdragon spring/summer all colours large cluster of many small star shaped blooms
snow drops winter white very delicate small white flowers with green dots
spear grass * all year dark foliage long fine foliage – flexible
statice * all year purples, pinks, white/cream,
yellow, orange
papery small clusters
stephanotis * summer white white waxy trumpet shaped, perfumed
stock spring pinks, purples,
large cluster of cylindrical blooms on woody stem
sunflower spring/summer yellow big heads – brown or black centres
sweet pea * spring pinks, lilacs, purples, white informal small delicate flowers, perfumed
sweet william winter/spring reds, purple, assorted head of tightly clustered vibrant flowers
tea tree * autumn/winter/spring pinks, white,
white woody flowers
tiger lily ** all year oranges, pinks, creams, yellows star shaped lily
tortured willow ** summer/autumn/winter light brown/
twisted bare stem willow
tuberoses * autumn white cylindrical clusters of perfumed blooms
tulip ** winter/spring all colours smooth waxy “U” shape, smooth stems
umbrella fern all year green round fine leafed fern
vanda orchid * summer
violet winter/spring purple, pink,
small low growing blooms – short lasting
waratah * spring red large full centre red waxy centre, woody stem
water lily spring/summer pinks, mauve, creams waxy full centre when open – closes at night
yellow bells spring yellow (native) clustered flowers
zinnia summer/autumn bright assorted colours brightly coloured daisy shaped flower

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