Why Wedding Albums Last Forever

wedding house album

Fast-forward a few years. Maybe you’re sixty years old. You’re having a well overdue clean up and you notice a box sitting at the top of your cupboard. ‘Oh gosh’ you think, ‘that’s my wedding album; I haven’t looked at it in years’.

So you sit down on the floor and slowly start looking through each page. You have tears strolling down your face, and then you are in fits of laughter. Some other thoughts may include, ‘Gee I looked good back then. Look at my legs’ and ‘Gee I’ve forgotten what a handsome man my husband is’.

You then call over your daughter who has quickly dropped by for the afternoon to help you clean. She has two children. She calls them over and you’re all sitting on the bedroom floor laughing and crying and having a great time looking through your wedding photos. Not only are you igniting your memories, but you’re showing your grandchildren something that is part of them too.

Wedding Images Into The Future

Say you have your wedding images on a disk. Yes you can sit around the computer and probably do the same as described above. But what happens when you’re sixty years old and computers don’t even have disk drives anymore? They might have something called a ‘thingymejiggy thingy’ that doesn’t even know what a CD/DVD/USB or even your now in vogue smartphone or tablet is.

I guess it depends on what Mr. Apple and Mr. Microsoft come up with in years to come. But in the transition of going from CD/DVD/USB/smartphone to this new ‘thingymejiggy thing’ you never had the time or you never really thought to take your wedding photography across to the new technology. Now you’re stuck.

Love is Sweet Wedding Photography offers their clients images on multiple formats which is in tune with our current technology here and now, and in years to come I’ll probably offer the ‘thingymejiggy thing’ too, but I will ALWAYS offer my clients a wedding album as I know it will last forever.

To have my clients sitting around in twenty to thirty years time looking through that album and bringing back all those memories means so much to me.

Article written by Nada Gisonda of Love Is Sweet Photography. https://www.loveissweetphotography.com.au